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‘Give me a break’! Megyn Kelly TORCHES Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their self-serving 'poor us' interview with Oprah and NAILS IT

We’re not entirely sure what Prince Harry and Meghan thought people would think of their whiny interview with Oprah about how awful their privileged lives have been but we’re pretty sure this did not go the way they thought it would.


Sure, the normal group of outrage harpies who look for things to scream ‘racism’ about enjoyed it, but the majority of Americans were less than impressed with the amount of their self-perceived and in some cases even self-created victimhood.

Like this patronizing drivel:

Megyn Kelly spoke for so many Americans after watching this clip.

But she couldn’t have lunch with her friends!

And they only live in a 10 million dollar house next door to Oprah!


Maybe not the best time to air this interview when so many Americans are still trying to financially recover from what their government did to them during a pandemic.


We are weeping openly for them.




You’d think Oprah might want to provide both sides of the story but … nah.

Right? For a couple who didn’t want to live in the public eye, they sure are living in the public eye.



Weird and painfully annoying.



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