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FACE! Conservative woman's unapologetic, kick-a*ss thread on why SHE'S going to CPAC will make you fist-pump

Don’t like CPAC, then don’t GO to CPAC.

This isn’t difficult.

But every year we see the same self-centered, sanctimonious, smug jagoffs on both the Left AND unfortunately on the Right thumbing their nose at the conference and acting like the people who attend are somehow ‘bad.’


Or racists.

Or Nazis.

Or insurrectionists.

Or whatever annoying and lame term they feel good throwing around these days.

This thread from J.R. Homsted, a Conservative woman who has attended CPAC in the past and who is attending this year as well, is something every single one of the naysayers should read.

It’s pretty damn good.

We’ve got our pom-poms, in case you were wondering.

Wait, what?! People who attend CPAC think FOR THEMSELVES?!

Crazy talk.



Connecting with people.


Whoda thunk it?

Oh, that’s right, anyone who’s attended CPAC.




We freakin’ love this thread.

True story.



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