You can tell from the moment this interview starts Chris Cuomo is looking for a fight, is hoping for a fight, and if he doesn’t get a fight he’s going to pick a fight. Matt Schlapp can tell it’s coming if you watch his face while Chris starts babbling about Trump speaking at CPAC.

Watch the whole thing, if you can stand it. The cringe is painful.

Ongoing lie.

Must be nice to be a Democrat and to have the media in your back pocket doing your bidding and building your narrative and agenda up.

Shadow campaign.

Fortifying the election.

Easy to look the other way when your industry changes the meaning of words and phrases to impact the truth.

Just sayin’.

Probably more true than any of us realize.

And that’s if you’re being charitable.

Interestingly enough, Chris’ big tough guy performance only seemed to piss off CNN viewers … that and they weren’t happy with Schlapp being on in the first place.

*shakes fist*

As are most nights.

The point is without Trump CNN is dying a slow, painful death, and if they can create some sort of outrage over the bad orange man, even if it’s just an interview about him speaking at CPAC, they’ll take it.

We weren’t kidding when we said nobody (other than The Lincoln Project) needed Trump to win more than the media, ESPECIALLY CNN.



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