Ok, full transparency. We’re 99.99999999% sure Biden didn’t mean to drop the n-word here and it’s likely that his dentures were slipping or he got confused and forgot how to say a certain word or whatever BUT you know if there was a video of Trump even coming CLOSE to saying the n-word it would be news 24/7 and the freakin’ Democrats would try and impeach the guy for it … again.

Even though he’s not president anymore.

What do you guys hear when you play this teensy bit of video?


Again, probably a slip of the tongue or a synapse that didn’t fire like it used to (needs his nap and pudding time) but still.

Well, yeah.

And then there would be several riots … sorry … peaceful protests in Portland and other big cities.

It does just sort of slip out.


Drama-shocked kitty is the best kitty.

Sorry Biden supporters, these are the rules now.



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