One thread on Twitter that this editor decided not to write about was from a verified account called MuslimMarine where he lectured Americans about why they don’t need ‘weapons of war’ like an AR-15. That being said, when fellow Marine Robb Allen wrote his own thread about why people should ignore that other Marine’s thread welp … that got our attention.

Seeing how we support the Second Amendment and stuff.

Take a look:

From one Marine to another?

And that’s a great point. There is this unspoken rule that you can’t challenge someone who has served in our military, which is strange. You can still respect someone you disagree with, yes? But Robb’s point is valid here, especially if you take the time to read that other thread.

Robb continued:




It’s all about distraction.


And talking points and agenda but we digress …

What he said.

His timeline is actually a pretty good read in general, especially about this topic.

What he said.

And said well.



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