From the get-go, we could tell Jake Lobin’s tweet was going to be a hot-dumpster of fail just by looking at his silly avatar. WHY are people posting pictures of themselves wearing a mask? Seriously. And one with the word VOTE on it?


That’s so 2020.

Time to MOVE on.

That being said, his tweet is even dumber than his muzzle-pic:

Really, Jake-From-State-Farm? Sounds like Jake has never bothered to actually speak to an ‘inhabitant of Jesusland’ because if he had, he’d know they don’t care what color their Savior is and that many of them know Jesus came from the Middle East and was a Jew.

But you know, clicks, taps, and intolerance.

They’re broken.


Of course, they’re wrong.

We call people obsessed with skin color ‘racists’.

Boy George himself thought Jake’s tweet was stupid – and he made a dig at millennials which makes this even better.


We feel like we agree with Spew.

Even Boy George thought his tweet was stupid.

Gotta love Twitter.

This deserves a Jesus-sized facepalm.



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