Identity politics are so damn tedious.

And predictable when dealing with the Left.

For example, they are claiming Republicans must only have a problem with Neera Tanden being a glorified TROLL on Twitter because those mean tweets are coming from a woman. REALLY? Have they not seen some of the women on the Right and what WE tweet? We’re not all rainbows and butterflies either, Lefties.

Perhaps the real reason they oppose her is that she’s seriously awful and her vagina has nothing to do with it?


But it’s just so obvious and stuff, man.


There’s a joke to be made here and it’s not just a cruise thing. We’ll have to circle back to it.


Don’t give them any ideas … they’d find a way if this whole ‘old white guys are sexist’ ploy doesn’t work out.


Hey, we didn’t write it.

We laughed at it.

We used it in this article.

But we didn’t write it so there.

Yay politics!



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