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SHOCKER (ok, not really): Dr. Fauci flip-flops from his last flip-flop on the vaccine and it's almost like he's making it up as he goes along

Maybe we could take Dr. Fauci seriously if he stopped contradicting himself all of the time.

Nah, probably not even then considering the man has changed his mind and flip-flopped on really important stuff that has impacted the lives of millions of Americans over and over and over again. Almost like his ideas and decisions are political.



Oooh so no the vaccine stops the spread of the virus.

Remember when he said it wouldn’t?

No sh*t.


Who knew politicizing a virus would be so lucrative?



This is what you and your buddies voted for! Jake Tapper’s shocked tweet about Chinese internment camps blows up in his face

On what planet?! Chris Hayes claims Biden’s COVID messaging is ‘more consistent’ than Trump’s and the jokes write THEMSELVES

WOOF! That’s one HELLUVA self-own! Chris Cuomo accidentally TKOs his brother shaming Texas mayor to be a ‘better leader’

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