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Now, THAT'S a TKO! Ted Cruz strikes the final blow in heated back and forth with Cary Elwes and it's PERFECTION

As anyone on Twitter knows, Ted Cruz has been driving the Hollywood elite crazy just by his mere existence. Apparently, objecting to electoral votes when you feel the election was fraudulent is a big no-no, unless you’re a Democrat who’s been doing this quietly for decades.


And while his back and forth with Seth Rogen was entertaining (that guy really needs a hobby), the bizarre anger from Cary Elwes and his disdain for Cruz loving The Princess Bride has really been off the charts pathetic.

Cary got so upset and fussy he took his ball and went home.

Ted, of course, won the silly Twitter war and then spiked the ball with this:

Welp, Ted said he’s a fan. Heh.



Annnd we’re done. Pretty sure no one is going to top Randy’s response.




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