The two cities most destroyed by COVID and the inability of their elected officials to lead are San Francisco and New York City. Sure, there are plenty of other cities sucking wind (looking at you Baltimore, Richmond, Portland, etc.), but these two have lost huge chunks of their population while businesses shuttered.

Watching Bill de Blasio beg young people to move to New York City now that he’s destroyed it though is just freakin’ pathetic (and karma in real-time):

Greatest city in the world.

Not anymore, Bill.

But he had to try we suppose:


Long-time New Yorkers might still weep for the businesses that were lost, but for newer residents without that institutional memory, it will mean an abundance of new choices that cater to the preferences and lifestyles of a post-pandemic New York.

While even in an optimistic scenario it’s going to take years for New York to come all the way back, the signs are indicating the recovery is underway. Elevated vacancy rates and a plunge in rents created the economic conditions for an improvement. Apartment lease volumes are starting to surge. Rents appear to be bottoming out. We see the pace of vaccinations increasing and infections have begun to fall rapidly. Meanwhile, Democrats are getting ready to move on another $1 trillion fiscal relief package, and warmer weather — with a potential new normal for street life — is coming.

Now that de Blasio has destroyed his city he really hopes young people will come back in and help him fix the mess he made.

Yeah, pass.

Sounds like most people are a big fat no, Bill.

Better luck next time.



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