Remember when the ACLU was an organization people took seriously?

Yeah, we know, it’s been a while … a looooong while … but there used to be a time where it felt like the ACLU was really out there protecting the civil rights of people.

These days they’ve turned into a pretty sad clown show.

Really with this?

It is not an attack on anyone to want to protect girls and women from far larger by nature trans girls/women in sports.

And if Biden hadn’t decided to sign such a ridiculous EO we wouldn’t be here anyway but it is what it is.

Let’s see these facts, shall we:

Source? Or is this just the ACLU’s opinion?

Guessing the second.

Again, source?

Have they been paying any attention at all?


Anyone else still looking for some sort of source or scientific paper backing up these ‘facts’?

What an embarrassing fail.

Your opinions on trans youth in sports aren’t facts, folks.



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