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Knocked TF out! Dana Loesch just needs 4 little words to DROP AOC for accusing Ted Cruz of trying to have her 'murdered'

Ummm … what?

We’ve seen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez write and say some stupid stuff but this is uber-stupid even for her. She might want to consider underwater basket-weaving therapy if she really thinks Cruz was trying to have her murdered.


Sounds a bit paranoid to us.

You know, there is only one member of the congressional body who was almost murdered by a crazy person over politics and it was a Republican.

Steve Scalise ring any bells, AOC?

Dana Loesh was good enough to remind her.

What Dana said.

She will anyway.




Notice her pretty blue check.

Mr. Loesch chimed in as well:

Still waiting.

It’s what she does best.



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