There’s nothing better on Twitter than a really good thread that makes you go, ‘Oh HELL YEAH.’

Ok, so that’s not entirely true. Sometimes you come across a thread about a teenage boy losing his long-loved teddy bear at a hotel on a really long road trip and an amazing woman at the hotel going above and beyond to find and get that teddy bear home BUT if you’re looking to cover politics threads like this one stand out.

Stacey from our sister site PJ Media is spot-freakin’-on:

The only group with a lower approval rating is the media … yup.

Keep going.

They do think you’re stupid.

They think we’re all stupid.

And sadly with what happened with our election in some cases, they were right.

Corn Husk.


Biden is about as full of life as a husk … this works.

Easy to sign an EO firing a bunch of people if you don’t have to think of them as individuals. Democrats love to put us all in buckets so they can ignore the needs of the individual.

C’mon now, it’s super important that we all know what Biden’s favorite ice cream flavor is.


Didn’t they already try this?

This. ^

Profiting off American’s misery.

And then they blame the other guy for that misery.

Nice work if you can get it.

And boom went the dynamite.



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