Joe Biden has been in office for a total of 8 days and already tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs with the ‘swipe’ of a pen. We were told specifically that Democrats cared about black lives and that their lives mattered BUT … yeah, as this gentleman says quite clearly, this doesn’t ‘make any sense.’

Watch this video and tell us again what a terrible president Trump was (note, NSFW language so wear headphones/earbuds if you’re in public):

Big tears watching this man’s hopelessness and anger.

Government shouldn’t be able to just ‘fire’ thousands and thousands of Americans. It’s almost … what’s the word, like a dictatorship. Right?

Biden, already putting America last.

It’s the Democrat way.

Our hearts break for this man and the thousands and thousands just like him that the Biden administration doesn’t give a damn about. Why only yesterday, John Kerry was talking about how these people could just go work for clean energy and stuff.

He might as well have said they should learn to code.


Absolutely spot on. Democrats pretend to care about minorities every four years, just enough to get elected, and then POOF … forgotten until the next election cycle.