If you don’t already follow one of our favorite parody accounts, Titania McGrath, you are doing Twitter wrong. She/he/zhe/it/they does such a phenomenal job mocking social justice and its warriors that more often than not people don’t realize she/he/zhe/it/they is a parody.

Which says a whole lot about the social justice movement and ain’t none of it good.

Titania tweeted Brentwood School for girls and ‘thanked’ them for pushing such progressive racial policies, aka segregation.

Take a look.

They segregated EVERYONE by race and their families.

Maybe we missed it but we thought segregation was a bad thing?

Insane is just one word that comes to mind.

Another is RACIST AF.

Ok, that’s more than one word but you get the picture.

Something like that.

Don’t forget the water fountains!


Notice the little /s at the end. It’s sad that people have to make sure others know something is sarcasm because everything is just that batsh*t and ridiculous.

If you don’t ‘get it’ that’s a good thing.

THIS is progressivism.

THIS is the Left.

And you thought 2020 was a crapshow.



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