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Posers, you're just NOT good at this: The Lincoln Project EMBARRASSES themselves again with pathetic attempt to dunk on Ivanka Trump

Watching The Lincoln Project fade from existence will be a great joy in 2021. Their entire reason for existing was hating Trump and now that he will be gone what purpose will they serve other than to annoy the people on the Right they burned bridges with? The Left has no use for a bunch of old, white, bald guys who exploited them for a grift.

Pretty sure their desperate attempt at getting AOC to work with them fell flat … so we suppose they’ll just stick with what they know. Sad, mean-girl dunk attempts on Ivanka Trump will only pay the bills for so long though, guys.

Their ‘retort’ is just sad.

Take THAT.



We’re sure Ivanka was absolutely crushed by this tweet. However will she recover from such wisdom and snark? Oh the humanity! So dunked on! So owned.

So pathetic.


She wishes everyone a Happy New Year and they attack her? We wonder if they realize this says way more about them and who they really are than her and ain’t none of it good.

This could literally be Rick Wilson.

Then again, he’s a little taller than Rick so maybe not.


Awww, we miss our favorite little rage donkey.

Ok, not really.

But we do miss writing about him … he’d get so mad.

Meep! Double meep in fact!

Not even the COVID vaccine.

True story.

Their obsession with Ivanka is creepy.


That’s nicer than what we’d say …

But it works.



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