Jesse Kelly has the Democrats’ number.

Especially after they’ve spent the last couple of days dancing on the grave of Congressman-elect Luke Letlow. We know they never want to let a crisis go to waste, and now they’re proving they never want to let a convenient death go to waste.

But only when it suits their ugly agenda, like the COVID fear-mongering they’ve been doubling and tripling down on for months now.

Letlow died from a heart attack WITH the virus, not from the virus, but you know vultures are gonna vulture.

Like Jesse, we weren’t surprised in the least to see people on the Left basically cheering Letlow’s death. Heck, Kurt Eichenwald was bragging about how he wished he could find an anti-masker to beat to death …

The party of unity.

The party of tolerance.

The party that’s actually a religion.

Jesse continued:

They have no god because their god is their political ideal.

Spot on.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Never let a death that can benefit your agenda go to waste.

Something like that?

Hey, we pay attention sometimes.

We hate to give Jesse credit for being right … but he’s right. Dangit.

Every opportunity to push the word of their god.

Creepy accurate.

Because a heart attack doesn’t help them spread the word of god.

Humanity. Common sense?

Not allowed in Liberal dogma.




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