Hey, look, guys! Kurt Eichenwald took time from showing his wife that tentacle porn is a real thing to tweet about beating people who don’t wear masks to death.

No, seriously.

So much unity and goodwill in this tweet right here.

So much love and tolerance.


Not at all insane or unhinged …


Yikes, bro.

Yup, Kurt is still broken.

But you knew that.

Don’t worry though, he’s not planning to kill anyone.

Kurt contemplating violence is sort of like a vegan contemplating eating a steak.

It ain’t happening.

That being said, it does get worse:

They’re so worried about life that they want kids to be orphaned to prove a point …

Think about that for a minute.

So the kids who would lose their parents aren’t ‘the innocent’ in this scenario?


Told you, this is pretty awful stuff.

Kurt was on a roll, folks:

Again, someone who is angry that people aren’t ‘protecting the lives of others’ wants those same people to die and then wants to CHEER their deaths.

If we’ve ever seen someone who needs to put the Twitter DOWN it’s Kurt.


As you can well imagine, this did not go over all that great with the masses (although shockingly, several of his followers were like, ‘YEAH, ME TOO, KURT.’ Let that sink in for a minute.)

For some reason, we’re just not all that scared of Kurt ‘Tentacle Porn’ Eichenwald.

Call us crazy.

Seems legit.

We … have questions.

So many questions.

Oh yeah. If someone on the Right or without a blue check was openly tweeting about beating someone TO DEATH they’d lose their account. But since Mr. Tentacles plays for the ‘correct team’ and has his fancy blue check he can be an absolute repugnant toad and get away with it.

Yay, Twitter.


Keep in mind, this is the same guy who tried to ruin someone’s life for sending him a flashing gif.

On that note, there are plenty of folks willing to give Kurt his chance at trying to ‘beat them to death.’

Wonder if he’ll take Shane up on his offer.

Something tells us he will not.