As Twitchy readers know, Ken Jennings thought he could just write a thread about how his tweets might not have been well-received and inappropriate and the people he’s been crapping on for years and years would just forget it all and stay silent as he tries to take over for the late, great Alex Trebek.

Sheesh, you’d think such a smart guy would know this was a stupid move.

Then again, is someone who can memorize a bunch of facts really all that smart? Looking at some of his greatest (worst) hits, we can’t help but question his intelligence just a teensy bit. We thought we’d save our readers the trouble of looking through his timeline and just post a few here in this piece …

Please. Don’t let this guy ruin Jeopardy.

In Ken’s defense, he is an incredibly hateful man.

The face of Jeopardy?

Yeah, no.

He crapped all over Jeopardy’s audience …


He called his tweets ‘unartful.’

We call them garbage.

Yeah, he’s a peach.

He thought this was funny.

He went after Melania too … in a weird, creepy way.


Oh, and he deleted this one about Trump’s son:

Such a sweetheart.

Note, if you want to see even more of his gross tweets simple search Twitter this way: from:@kenjennings + Trump (or any sort of conservative politician, issue, etc). It’s eye-opening.

Ken’s timeline speaks for itself. ‘Nuff said.

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