Does Ken Jennings have a blue check just because he won on Jeopardy? Because he wrote a crappy book?

Or is it because Jack and Twitter support his bigotry and sexism?

Asking for a friend.

So his joke is based on the idea that Kavanaugh kept a calendar of his events and activities … and somehow he drew a line between that and rape and Muslims?


No wonder so many people got pissed at him.

Not yet, but the day is young.

This was a pretty gross take, even for a Leftist like Ken.

He also mocked rape victims but hey, guess that’s ok?

Memorizing facts is just that, memorization.

It takes a lot more to actually be intelligent.



What’s really sad here is that Ken has also written a book called ‘Planet Funny’ … and as you can see from his crap tweet, he’s not funny at all.


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