Gosh, there’s something really familiar about Deborah Ramirez’s story … sounds a lot like another woman’s story where she couldn’t remember where or when it happened and her witnesses contradicted her.

That being said, Ford’s witnesses never went so far as to admit her allegations against Kavanaugh may have been politically motivated.

Hey, honesty is the best policy though, right?

With friends like this, Ramirez, who needs enemies?

Her best friend, a woman with whom Ramirez shared intimate details of her life, says her allegations could be politically motivated.

Color us shocked … SHOCKED!


Dude, what in the blue Hell?!

These women, if they are indeed lying for political gain on SCOTUS, have done irreparable damage to the women’s movement and to victims of sexual assault in general.

As we said, this story is shockingly familiar.


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