So now two more women have come forward with allegations against Kavanaugh.

Seems sorta convenient considering Ford’s story was falling apart right before our very eyes but HEY, we’re supposed to believe women or something. Unless of course, that woman is Karen Monahan who has accused Keith Ellison of assault.

Like Ford, Deborah Ramirez isn’t sure that it was Kavanaugh who allegedly exposed himself to her and she can’t find anyone to corroborate her story. The third woman hired Michael Avenatti of all people to represent her.

But you know, none of this has been political, nope. *eye roll*

Guy Benson highlighted a very telling paragraph from the New York Times piece:

NYT couldn’t find anyone to back up her story, and Ms. Ramirez herself can’t remember and couldn’t come up with anyone else to corroborate her story.

What in the holy Hell is going on here?

Color us cynical, but we can’t help but notice that so far none of these women ever reported the incidents to law enforcement.

Right? Such teamwork.


Have you seen the media lately?


Sadly this is true. By allowing Ford to play games with her testimony, Grassley and other Republicans opened the door for this level of nonsense. They should have just held the vote last week and been done with it.

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


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