Government, stop trying to make COVID panic happen for policy … it’s not happening.

If only the media would actually cover the FACTS instead of spending their days focusing on the drama of COVID. We suppose they need Americans panicked and hopeless for just a little while longer but c’mon already. Honestly, we’re shocked more people don’t take the time to look at the actual data since so many a-hole governors are using it to oppress and hold them hostage but here we are.

Thank goodness for threads like this one from el gato malo.

Take a look, trust us:

Getting them is like pulling teeth.


Wonder why?


We’re seeing some seriously scary stuff, folks.


They are usually pretty full, folks.

Especially this time of year ALTHOUGH the flu magically disappeared.

Seems suspect.

Historically low.

We are also historically low for deaths … but you know, COVID.

So many people are sick that they had to layoff nurses and doctors.

Think about that.

That. ^

There’s a reason people are leaving California in droves. Let’s just hope they don’t eff up other states they are moving to.


Or something.

Not at all.

Who knew?

False driver of bad policy.

We see you, Democrats.

How many videos have we seen of exhausted ER nurses? Not quite as many as we’ve seen of dancing nurses but still.

Ding ding ding.

Americans have got to wake TF up.

DEATH WITH … not death from.


If you’re not getting angrier as you read this you need to check for a pulse.


Not a damn bit.

If masks and lockdowns work why are the states with the most restrictions climbing?


This right here.

To admit this was just a political game would be the end of both parties.

Couldn’t love this tweet any more.

What he/she/they said.



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