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'Nothing to do with GENDER': WaPo's Megan McArdle gets painfully honest about Kamala Harris' debate performance in brutal thread

Brit Hume shared this short thread from Megan McArdle who was brutally honest about Kamala Harris’ debate performance having NOTHING to do with her gender. Even if Kamala were a man, she’d still be a crappy debater.


It’s not a sexist thing.

It’s just a ‘not a great debater’ thing.

Move on.

Warren is admittedly a better debater than Kamala.

But that’s not sayin’ much considering how awful she was.

We disagree that Pence is full of nonsense BUT we thought this tweet illustrated that she was truly being almost objective with Kamala because clearly, she is no fan of the Trump/Pence ticket. Keep in mind, she is with the Washington Post.


Notice she also pointed out Kamala’s bizarre faces which did her no favors in the end.

What she said.

Making Kamala’s piss-poor performance about her gender and claiming Pence was oppressing her or something makes all women look weak.

So knock it off.



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