Leslie Marshall thought it would be a good idea to shame Megyn Kelly for telling Kamala Harris to stop making silly faces during the debate. Megyn was right, and honestly, she’d still be right even if Kamala were a man.

The faces she made were disrespectful, annoying, and showed her to be nervous and absolutely insecure in her ability to debate Mike Pence.

He didn’t repeatedly interrupt her and in fact, she interrupted him first but you know, girl power and stuff.

Megyn responded:

Pick a fight with Megyn, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Man, we are digging this newly reinvigorated and bada*s version of Megyn.

True story.

Also, if Kamala can’t handle a debate with Pence leaders from around the world will eat her for lunch.

Hey, good point.

Us too.



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