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'This is called being a dbag': Social justice tool tries shaming Trump supporters for 'voting against their own best interests' and YEAH no

You likely don’t know who David Brandt is.

Don’t feel too bad, we don’t either.

But, his tweet trashing Trump supporters has gotten a good deal of attention on Twitter so we felt it was our duty to share it with you, dear reader.


Note, David apparently used to be a reporter but NOW he’s dedicated to social justice and fairness and stuff.


And we all know how much anyone likes being told they’re voting against their own best interests.

Repeat after us.

Hurr durr.

Seems Trump supporters know what’s in their own best interest.


He’s literally helping reelect Trump with his attitude.


Guess which party runs and has been running Minneapolis for a long long time?

Hint, it ain’t the Republicans.

Same difference?


Right? It’s a total mystery.



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