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Fake-fakity-FAKE news! NYT journo who claimed she was kicked out of Trump rally because of her 'pics' NOT telling the whole story

New York Times correspondent Kathy Gray covered the Trump rally in Michigan yesterday. Apparently her big story was a lack of masks at the event …


Crammed in, not many masks.

Don’t worry, Kathy, it was just a protest against socialism and stupidity. That means nobody can catch the virus, duh.

Welp, Kathy went and got herself kicked out of the rally:

Which made her a folk hero to people on the Left who like to believe Trump is literally HiTlEr and kicking the press out so they can’t report on his evildoings.

And of course, she fed the narrative that it was her pictures that got her the boot.

Except that’s not the whole story.


Appears she needed to be credentialed as press for the event.

So it was, for this reason, she was removed, not her daring pictures of maskless Trump supporters.


It’s a far more engaging story if she was kicked out for her BRAVE PHOTOS!



Right? It’s just like any other day that ends in ‘y’.



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