Soooooo FYI, if you voted for Obama twice but then voted for Trump in 2016 you’re a total racist and stuff.

At least according to this ol’ fella.



Maybe this proves Sleepy Joe DOES need a teleprompter when answering questions.

Biden had a real opportunity here to talk about why his administration would be different from Obama’s, how he would correct the issues that may have driven Democrats to vote for Trump but instead, he pulled the race card. Not the brightest take.

Calling them racists ain’t it, either.

But wait, there’s more … Tapper actually asked him some tough questions.

Right? We’re shocked too.


It was the Republican’s fault.

No, Trump shouldn’t get credit even though it’s better.

What a disaster.

Tapper, bless him, actually interviewed him for real. Watching this though, we understand why so many others have not.


Welcome to the Biden campaign.




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