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'Inside Uncle Joe's mission to prove Obama WRONG': Bombshell thread about Biden's REAL feelings about Obama a must-read

We’re not overly surprised that this fascinating thread from Alex Thompson isn’t getting more traction considering it talks about Biden and his almost resentment of Obama. Seems he didn’t like being considered a lightweight, felt his loyalty to Obama wasn’t rewarded … and much more.


Seriously, this thread is something else.

Keep going.

‘Proving Obama’s brainiacs wrong and the doubters.’

Sounds a little bit like Joe was pretty damn insecure about Obama.

Just sayin’.



Dear GAWD no.

But Obama chose Hilldawg.

That had to hurt.

Clearly, it did.


Confident people don’t plagiarize. Just sayin’.

Gotta love their focus on identity politics.


Biden is running to prove Obama wrong.

That’ll show him!


And these are the days of Joe Biden’s life.



And awaaay we go! First GUILTY PLEA in John Durham’s probe into origin of Trump/Russia investigation (hint, he was on Mueller’s team)

‘Have a nice day.’ Bob Beckel learns the hard way why you never EVER bring a knife to a gunfight with James Woods

Who they ARE –> NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell shamed and threatened by the Left for pointing out Biden/Harris refused to take questions

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