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Umm, that's RACIST, ya' ding-a-ling! Chelsea Handler's attempted pic-dunk on Goya and Ivanka Trump goes SO WRONG and lol

So hold on a sec …

Chelsea Handler is trying to punish a company run by minorities and she thinks that proves she’s not racist? Did we read this right?


Because while we’re clearly not experts on the matter, a rich, somewhat powerful white woman trying to cancel a minority brand seems pretty damn racist.

Not to mention when she put herself side-by-side with Ivanka Trump she looks like a pile of wet, hammered potato salad:

Yeah, this was stupid.

But it is Chelsea Handler we’re talking about.




Ok, so this is funny.

Probably not appropriate, but funny.


We didn’t write it.

We did laugh at it.

A lot.

And we did include it.


But you know, she’s condemning racism.

And stuff.



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