It’s ok to make grossly sexual comments about Hope Hicks because she’s a conservative.

Or something.

When these a*sholes show you who they really are, BELIEVE THEM:

So, we had to Google this guy and apparently he makes crappy documentaries.

Isn’t it interesting how the Left spends so much time screeching about how sexist the Right is and yet every single time you ‘scratch’ one of them, you find the real misogynists?

We’re thinking most have turned him down.

This. ^

For some reason, it’s ok for women who disagree with the Leftist mantra to be sexually harassed.

Who knew?

Oh, that’s right, every single conservative woman on Twitter and in social media in general.


Yes he is.




Even his ‘fans’ weren’t ok with this tweet, which gives us hope:

The sad truth though?






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