Nick Cannon is super sorry for his anti-Semitic comments.

Or something.

Take a look:

Nick. Dude. Don’t bother.

We know the only reason you’re really apologizing is so you don’t lose your gig.

Raise your hand if you’re not sure you believe Nick actually wrote this.

In other words, Nick got dragged and dropped in social media and almost lost his job.


Hope whoever wrote this apology got a serious paycheck for it.

Remember what he said?

Are a little less.


Doesn’t appear to be one.

While many people felt Nick’s apology fell a little flat (and thought perhaps some PR firm wrote it for him), Bethany Mandel reached out directly to him in a way that was far more meaningful than some tweet-thread apology:

While we think this would be awesome we’re not sure Bethany should hold her breath waiting to hear back from Nick.

But guys, he’s sorry.



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