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'Thank you, NEXT': Obama lackey learns the hard way why you never bring a knife to a gunfight with Sharyl Attkisson

Picking a fight with Sharyl Attkisson out of the blue? Really?

And all because Trump retweeted her? Someone’s Trump Derangement Syndrome got the best of them it seems …


Nasty, right?

Of course, she (he? it’s hard to tell with the mask and Gawd forbid we misgender someone) has worked with both Nancy Pelosi and Obama so we’re not entirely shocked they’re a raging hosebeast looking for a fight on Twitter.

Sharyl responded:

Seriously predictable.

For Democrats supposedly being the ‘kinder, gentler’ party, it sure is filled with a bunch of a-holes.



She big mad.

We know, we know, the Karen joke is getting old but man, this person is SUCH a Karen.

In other words, it’s why Sharyl is an actual investigative journalist.

An occupation we have far too few of these days.

Keep in mind, this person’s boss ‘spied’ on Sharyl …




Thank you, next.



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