To be fair, we’re shocked CNN didn’t find some way to spin these deaths and blame COVID or Trump himself for the innocent children who lost their lives over the Fourth of July weekend.

They want to focus on how they were doing ‘everyday things,’ probably because if they focus on who pulled the trigger they have to address a much bigger issue.

From CNN:

At least six children were killed in shootings across the country over the holiday weekend, sparking calls from officials to end the gun violence plaguing their communities.

The children, ages 6 to 14, were all shot and killed while doing everyday things — riding in mom’s car, walking in a mall, and playing in a yard with their cousins.

Faceless ‘gun violence’ apparently killed these children.

Notice they don’t talk about who actually pulled the trigger. Guess that doesn’t support their narrative …

They are either completely ignorant of the world around them OR they think their readers are.

Perhaps we should learn to embrace the power of ‘and’.

Ummm … wut?


Quiet you.

That doesn’t fit their agenda.



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