Starting to feel overwhelmed with the constant fear-mongering coming from the media about a SECOND WAVE of COVID that will surely be our downfall this time around? Especially in those evil red states that dared to open before the Karens of the world told them it was ok.

Brit Hume continues to push back on the noise with facts and stories like this one about Dr. Scott Atlas:


Dr. Scott Atlas of the Hoover Institute, discussed why we don’t need to be scared of the increase spread of coronavirus on Good Morning San Diego with KUSI’s Paul Rudy.

Atlas said that he has done a superficial analysis of the numbers, and after analyzing them, he doesn’t get scared.

Explaining, “When you look all over at the states who are seeing a lot of new cases, you have to look at who is getting infected because we should know by now, that the goal is not to eliminate all cases, that’s not rational, it’s not necessary, if we just protect the people who are going to have serious complications. We look at the cases, yes there’s a lot more cases, by the way they do not correlate in a time sense to any kind of reopening of states. If you look at the timing, that’s just a misstatement, a false narrative. The reality is they may correlate to the new protests and massive demonstrations, but it’s safe to say the majority of new cases are among younger, healthier people.”



Gosh, that makes sense. Who knew?

Remember when it was about flattening the curve?

Good times.

If only.



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