Man oh man, the Washingtong Post just keeps getting dumber and dumber. First we wrote about their support for censoring ‘problematic books,’ and now we’re writing about Jennifer Rubin and her crap list of governors who hurt so many, so needlessly with the pandemic.

You’ll notice one big name is missing form her garbage piece:

From The Washington Post:

Let’s not forget that Republican governors around the country in early May were boasting that they had not shut down their states. When it came to ending even spotty stay-at-home orders and forgoing social distancing and mask-wearing mandates, red-state governors reopened as cases were still rising and without comprehensive testing and tracing programs in place.

Gawd she’s awful.

Keep going.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), a Trump fanboy who dragged his feet after receiving warnings to issue a stay-at-home order and then rushed to reopen despite advice from health experts, blames the media and protesters for the frightful increase in cases. The responsibility is his. As of now, DeSantis has not canceled his invitation for Trump’s Republican convention in Jacksonville.

Trump fanboy.

Did we mention she’s awful?

The recklessness and incompetence of these governors should outrage not only residents of their own states but Americans everywhere. One thing we have learned is that a runaway pandemic in one or more states imperils all of us. They can hardly claim to be surprised by the predictable result of their arrogant, anti-science approach. Governors who wanted to rev up their economies and chose to ignore warnings about the consequences of their actions are responsible for thousands falling ill and dying. Their economies closed down anyway. Resigning is the least they should do.

Notice she left out the one governor responsible for the most deaths, whose state had more deaths in nursing homes alone than in the entire state of Florida.


Gosh, it’s almost as if she’s being completely insincere and biased or something.

They’re not.

Nope. Jenn is far more focused on hating on Republican governors than she is on being truthful and honest about those who actually hurt people.

Like Cuomo, Whitmer, Murphy and more.

Clearly, her agenda is to hurt any governor who doesn’t hate Trump.

Let’s not pretend Jenn cares about being credible.

Stay class, as always, Jenn.



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