Since Trump took office, most of the media have done a really good job at totally ignoring the truth in order to push their narrative and agenda. No matter what the story may be, they still find a way to paint the president in the most horrible light possible, even if what they’re saying is only partially true or not true at all.

We’ve never seen so many ‘anonymous sources’ or ‘unnamed officials’ willing to leak lies to the media as we have during this administration.

And c’mon, their reaction to Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore on Independence Day? That was RIDICULOUS.

Ben Shapiro wrote a fairly brutal thread on just this topic:

Yeah, they really tried to paint Trump as some sort of bully … anyone paying attention knows better BUT luckily for our good friends in the media, their vapid base doesn’t really care about the facts.

Ben continued:


Forget that the morons took down a statue of Frederick Douglass.

Here is where we disagree with Ben a little. Our minds are no longer boggled because we have been watching the media play this game for years. What would boggle our minds is if they actually reported something at face value for a change, even if it didn’t hurt Trump.

Sort of like Brian Stelter ‘tut-tutting’ about the Wall Street Journal praising Trump’s speech.

Media fail once again.

Hey, at least they’re consistent at something.



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