Experts REALLY REALLY REALLY hate it when people don’t buy into their BS. Take for example, the many experts who claimed it was ok for people to protest racism during the pandemic because protesting was more important than being alive.

Because you know, if you catch COVID you’re done for or something.

No no, sorry other Americans, you can’t go to work and you can’t have any funerals for your loved ones because IT’S TOO DANGEROUS, but rioting, sorry, protesting is super important and worth the risk.

At least that’s what Jeremy Konyndyk claimed a month ago:

Seems Konyndyk thinks the data prove he was correct, he even wrote a thread about it:

Enormous backlash.

And we’re thinking this is a dig at Tom Nichols …

But you know, the importance of Americans keeping their jobs and homes didn’t justify accepting that degree of risk? You have to wonder if these yahoos think before they tweet.

You are still being disingenuous and you lack credibility.

Sorry, not sorry.



Holy crap, show your work.

Over-eager reopening.

Eff this guy.

Protesting and destroying crap is AOK but if you want to go back to work and save yourself from poverty THAT’S NOT.

He can think so all he wants. That doesn’t make him right.

Except it doesn’t.

He leaves out how many elected officials have ordered their contact tracers NOT to ask about protesting.


That’s adorable.

You guys notice he didn’t provide one bit of real ‘data’ to back up his claims? Oooh, two screenshots taken out of context, he showed us!

All day, every day.


Apparently it doesn’t want to infect anyone tearing down statues but totally stalks anyone who wants to open up their small business or have a drink at a bar.

That. ^

Public-health win.

Technically right? Eh.

And yes, destroyed their credibility forever.

Raise your hand if you’re sick of the word, ‘expert’.



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