Our hearts break for this father of the 8-year-old little girl who was shot and killed by an armed mob in Atlanta, and yours will too.


‘They killed my baby because she crossed a barrier. You killed an eight-year-old child, she never did nothin’ to none of y’all, she just wanted to get home.’


THIS should be the top news story from our friends in the traditional media but we suppose since it doesn’t fit their ‘everything is racist and white people are the Devil’ narrative they just don’t have time to cover the loss of this innocent little girl.

Not sure a family ever really recovers from such a loss.

It does indeed need to end, but the people who could help stop it don’t want to talk about the real issues here. They’d rather ignore this sort of violence so they can continue to use death to push their ‘America is a big ol’ suck’ narrative. Sadly, this little girl’s death doesn’t help their agenda so she will be just another innocent life lost.

Poor baby.


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