You’d think by now, CNN’s Joe Lockhart would have figured out that trying to slam Trump in any sort of Twitter poll is useless and will ultimately result in his being mocked.

A lot.

And yet, here we are.

Take a look at this doozy:

Hey, at least Joe Biden came in second, right?

We’re assuming that is who Joe meant when he said, ‘a rock’ because if not? Biden didn’t even make the list.


Wow. Nearly 11k votes and ‘yes’ is winning BIGLY.

Impressive and not in a good way.

Trolling maybe? Boredom? Deflecting from a growing sense of insecurity and failure that looms above him everywhere he goes? Just guessin’.

To his credit, he has not deleted it … yet.

Us too, sorry man.

Yes, and he’s an idiot.


Oof, not a great visual.

But hey, great poll, Joe.

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