This is a long thread, but definitely worth taking the time to read and share, especially if you’re a parent/grandparent/guardian waiting to see what the fall brings for your school-age kids. Caregivers are not powerless in these decisions and should be making their voices heard as districts make decisions all across the country.

And truly, anyone who thinks virtual learning is the key should see the information Phil Kerpen took the time and effort to put together:

Get comfy, this takes a while to read but man, it’s so worth it.

American Academy of Pediatrics … hello!


And educators think this is still an option?


If ‘protesting’ racism in this country by destroying property and inciting violence is worth the risk of COVID, school is doubly so.



Isolation of remote learning.

Hello again.

Locking students up with possible abusers is far more dangerous than a virus.


Here’s where it gets good …


Let’s not give them any ideas.

Immoral to deny children educational and social interaction.



Yeah, we told you this is long but so worth it.

Hang in there.

A snack maybe?


American Pediatrics Academy reported 3′ is more than adequate.

What he said.

Open. Our. Schools.



CNN finally gets around to reporting on the 5 children killed over the Fourth of July weekend … leaves out 1 KEY point

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