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'She called them dead traitors': Mollie Hemingway SHREDS NeverTrumper David French after he white-knights for Tammy Duckworth

We get it, David French hates Trump.

But c’mon man, Sen. Tammy Duckworth has said some HORRIBLE things about America and our founders. No one has said she hasn’t sacrificed for her country, but to pretend said sacrifice gives her a pass to be an anti-American harpy is actually almost insulting to HER.


When did we stop holding people accountable because they have a disability?

Blah blah blah.

Sorry, we don’t know about you guys but the absolutely smug, snide, know-it-all act from these NeverTrumper types is getting really really old.

Mollie Hemingway was far more direct:

Founding fathers and other American heroes are ‘dead traitors.’


But HEY, don’t hold her accountable because she served.

Or something.



This editor laughed far harder at this photo than she should have.

There ya’ go.



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