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'Socialism fails again': CHOP (we think?) releases 'important message' about ending their zone listing their successes and LOL

Now to be fair, this CHOP account is not verified so any yahoo on Twitter could have written it HOWEVER, it could also very well be their statement and it’s very entertaining and on Twitter so here we are. We especially like how they start their statement, ‘Dear Comrades in the struggle’:


Take a look.

Sounds like CHOP.

But since it’s not verified we can’t say for certain.

Pretty damn funny though, right?

Re-elect Mayor Jenny Durkan! EL OH EL.

Continue the struggle through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Spachat.

Oh joy, we get to see more of this nonsense in social media.

As it always does.


Welp, Mayor Jenny, and the City of Seattle are being sued so it’s possible.



Could be? It’s all so well-organized ya’ know.


We’ll keep an eye on the statement and let you know if it is indeed real … in the meantime, el oh el.



‘It sounds nuts, BUT’: John Huber’s theory about how Obama admin came up with Flynn/Logan Act charge just crazy enough to be TRUE

Keeps getting worse and WORSE: Sounds like SERIOUS legal trouble for Mayor Jenny Durkan and her ‘block party’ aka CHOP

‘Not objective but true’: Chris Cuomo fawning all over bro Gov. Andrew ‘Luv Guv’ Cuomo’s COVID response belongs in HACK Hall of Shame (watch)

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