Remember when Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan told America CHOP/CHAZ was just like a block party and compared it to a summer of love? Then she snarked at Trump when he offered to send help and told him not to be afraid of a Democracy?

Good times.

Seems that ‘Democracy/Summer of Love/Block Party’ is getting her and the City of Seattle into some serious legal trouble:

Gosh, that whole summer of love thing sorta fell apart, eh Jenny?

Of course she’ll get re-elected. Democrats are rarely held accountable for their mistakes, even when they’re YUGE. Look at Cuomo and New York, they’re acting like he did something great by putting sick people into nursing homes that eventually killed thousands of elderly people.

Somehow they’ll find a way to blame Trump for this.

They always do.


Man, it’s hard to know who to root for when it’s an HOA against CHOP.

True story.



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