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'Conserving conservatism and stuff!' The Bulwark REKT for calling Parler an echo chamber for 'Edgelord Conservatives'

A quick write up on the silliness that is The Bulwark.

Why bother with attacking Parler if they’re not worried about it? How very Leftist of them.


From The Bulwark:

It remains to be seen if Parler can sustain the apparent increase in users and whether it will meet the same fate as Gab. Since the motivations for many of the departing seem to be aligned with Katie Hopkins, a notorious racist provocateur, it’s doubtful Parler will be a bastion of civility and moral fortitude. All the usual suspects of Edgelord Conservative World are flocking to the app, including Devin NunesRand PaulKurt SchlichterJesse KellyCurtis HouckBill Mitchell, and Benny Johnson, plus even some erstwhile establishment figures like Ari Fleischer.

Edgelord Conservative World?

Ahem, this editor should totally have been listed.



If Twitter verifies someone these days it’s because they are a ‘safe’ account that won’t voice any real or original ideas that challenge the narrative.

Case in point, this silly article.


Hilarious, right?

What she said.



‘We all want the same answers’: Mickey White’s thread about ‘amazing conversation’ with her Black brother an EPIC must-read

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