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'Ya' third rate Joan Jett': Greg Gutfeld shuts both Pink and her snide comments on the Trump Rally DOWN in 1 vicious tweet

Pink trolled the Trump Rally.

Because it’s so edgy and original to tweet this sort of slop to her vapid base.

She sure showed Trump.

*eye roll*


Pink? Pink who?

Wait, sorry, P!nk.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

No offense to the amazing Joan Jett.

Ok, that’s better.

This reminds us of how they’re blaming Trump for unemployment even though the country has been shut down due to the COVID pandemic. Then again, we’re also reminded of the millions of people who watched Trump around the country while Biden couldn’t even get 70 people to watch his little stream.

Let ’em talk smack, it’s all they’ve got and they know it.




That would be none.


Not a great visual.

Not yet.


Don’t give her any ideas.



She sooo MAD! AOC flips her LID when Trump gets brutally honest about her lack of common sense and credentials

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