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'A law YOU voted for': Betsy DeVos drops truth-NUKE on Schumer's pointy head in back and forth over COVID-relief for DACA

Sen. Chuck Schumer is about as useful as teats on a bull.

No offense to teats on bulls everywhere.

Seriously, if there were ever a dinosaur who proves we need term limits it’s Chuck Schumer … look at this hot mess:


We get that ol’ Chuckles is trying to make Betsy (and by association, Trump) look like a MONSTER for keeping taxpayer monies from DACA students who need COVID-relief because they shut down the country but he left out one super important tidbit in his tweet:


It’s like Schumer doesn’t remember what he’s voted for over the MILLION years he’s been in office.


Especially when they’ve been around since God was a boy.

Thank you, next, to be exact.

Editor’s note: We used the ‘Urban Dictionary’ spelling of teets … fixed it to teats. Our bad. – sj



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