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'I say lock the SOBs up!' Joe Biden touting his 1994 Democratic crime bill a reminder of who he REALLY IS (watch)

Nearly 30 years ago, Joe Biden could hardly contain his joy at the idea of locking ‘super predators’ aka the SOBs up. He even bragged about it on the floor of the U.S. Senate, taking on a tough tone and insisting Republicans could no longer accuse Democrats of being soft on crime.


Like ‘Jimmy’ says below, Biden bragging about one of the most racist crime bills in modern history is stunning, as well as the decline in his ability to speak and form a coherent thought.


It’s like a different guy is running for president, right?

He is whoever the DNC wants him to be.

You can almost see their strings on him every time he moves or speaks … it’s creepy.

They eventually had to let him out of his basement.

So we’ll keep reminding them.

We go between feeling really sorry for him and thinking the whole thing is hilarious.


And of course we really really really hope we get to see some debates.

Oh yeah, where was the stutter then? Good point.

But we will.

We’re givers that way.



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