Look how peaceful things are in CHAZ … it’s so wonderful. Medical clinics, free music in the evenings, people just doing their own thing, chilling, being free.


What’s happening behind that reporter? Ooops, in front of him now.

Why’s he trying to get away from these peaceful CHAZINIANS? CHAZITES?

Does it always have to be in CAPS?


Anyway, watch:

We kinda sorta love how they ruined his ‘everything is Kumbaya’ moment, especially as Cooper was babbling about Trump being wrong to suggest he may need to get involved.

So great.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving outlet.

C’mon, they’re CNN! EL OH EL.

We can’t decide if the Left and media are scared to be honest about what is happening there OR if they’re trying to pretend it’s a success so they don’t have to face the reality of their stupid ideas. Either way Americans are onto them, they might as well come clean and accept the help and assistance the president has offered.


Right?! He’ll infect EVERYONE!

We love Snake.

At this point, all any of us can really do is sit back, watch, and laugh.



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