The way Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan tells is, CHAZ is a super peaceful gathering of people drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and sharing spaghetti potluck dinners. She wrote an entire thread shaming Trump for basically offering to do her job for her, claiming she’s working with this group of concerned citizens who are expressing their collective grief.

Or something.

But man, looking through Julio Rosas’ thread and videos, this doesn’t seem exactly peaceful.


Gosh, we’re not seeing that CHAZ potluck Jenny was talking about.

‘Don’t try to shut the black community out.’

Now, we’re not experts or anything but this looks like inequity to us.

There ya’ go. Peaceful.

Right now.

Gonna pass on that whole market or whatever the Hell that is.

Funny how quickly they turned their community into a second-rate replica of what they claim they don’t want.


Summer of love!

Good times.

So. Much. This. ^


This may be the single most accurate tweet this editor has ever read.

It’s happened!

*turns computer off, walks out of room*



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